Living as a Family on Mission


We currently have over 40 individuals invested in a deliberate and intentional discipling relationship through huddles.


We have more than 300 people serving in various capacities here in our church and in the community.

mission & vision

We nurture people to love God, love others and make disciples.

Working in the intentional discipleship journey has impacted me and my family greatly. Thought this journey I have found freedom to live the life God intends me to live while serving Him and his kingdom more confidently and joyfully than ever. I finally have a clear purpose for my life that includes my family. I am now living the life God wants me to live--and it is awesome to be in this place!

Our History in this journey

  1. 2011 - Pastor Rob began an intentional discipling huddle with 3DM.
  2. 2012 -A core group attended their first "Building A Discipling Culture" learning community.
  3. 2013 -The first huddles began and the core team finished the 4th and final "Building A Discipling Culture" Learning community.
  4. 2014 -The discipleship engine was finalized and launched to the community.

I believe that working in an intentional discipling relationship is one of the most important steps a christian can make!

our senior pastor