Living as a Family on Mission

Stages of Discipleship

This is not a process that shows if one has been saved. At the time we are saved we are given a new identity and this circle shows our sanctification-the process of becoming what God has already declared us to be, His child, His disciple.

The four circles of life

Our life as a disciple grow in four main spheres of life or relationships: our relationship to God, our relationship with God's family, the church, in his home, and the world. At the core is our life with Jesus. Our Goal is to not neglect but to grow relationships in all spheres.

three dimensional living

We understand that as His disciples we need to model our lives after Jesus. In Luke 6 we see Jesus living His life in three dimensions: Up- to the Father; In -with His chosen followers; Out- with the hurting world around Him. This is the 3 dimensional pattern to a balanced life.

Why the need for a Discipleship Engine?

If we look at the disciples we see that they went through a process of spiritual maturity. Jesus called them to follow Him and when they did he started a process that made them into men who looked more and more like Him as they spent time with Him.It is both comfroting and humbling to know that all of us are in the process of of spiritual growth and that no one actually arrives at the destination of a perfect life. We grow only by the grace of God and move in and out of various stages at different times in our lives. Each one of us can slip back into immaturity if we are not careful. That is why we need a helpful tool and skill to use it that helps us assess where we are at any given moment.

The key areas of the Discipleship Engine