Living as a Family on Mission


Key Scriptures: Ephesians 4:11-14 Each person has been specifically shaped and designed by God to play a particular role within the Body of Christ. Everyone is either an Evangelist, an Apostle, a Teacher, a Pastor, or a Prophet. This is our Base Ministry and we feel most alive when we serve others in this capacity. However, because God is always concerned with our wholeness and the wholeness of the church, we go through Phases where we learn how to function in each of the other ministries. In that way, though we aren’t all called to be Evangelists, we are all called to bear witness to what Jesus has done in our lives. Though we are not all Pastors, we are all called to care. Though we are not all Apostles, we are all called to walk with God’s people into their future. That we are not all Prophets, it is the birthright of every Christian to hear the voice of their Father. Though we are not all Teachers, we are all called to understand and hold the out the scriptures as the Light of Truth.

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