Living as a Family on Mission

Second CIRCLE- RELATIONships with God family

The second sphere of relationships is where we grow as the body of Christ. It can be easy for us to accept the good news that we have a Father who loves us, yet fail to relate to other believers as brothers and sisters, but the two are connected. As a family, the church works together and lives together in a network of loving relationships. In the early church many believers were coming out of a broken world  and did not have family near to call on to help them, encourage them, challenge them and love them. The church is God's answer to these needs. 

As a family, the church works together and lives life together in a network of loving relationships. The first circle or sphere is our relationship with Jesus, it should naturally lead us to living with and loving others in the second circle, our relationships within the family of God. As we walk with God, we learn to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Again we should ask the neccesary head, heart and hands questions that relate to this circle of relationships:


Do I or this person I am discipling know what the Bible teaches about the church and the importance of his or her relationships with other believers?


Am I or are they growing in their love for others in the body of Christ?


Have I or have they developed the relational skill they need in order to have healthy relationships with other believers?

Am I or are they using their gifts to minister to believers who are in need, or are they doubting and in need of encouragement?


Taken from the book Discipleshift