Train to minister

This stage of development is called the young adult stage. 1 John 2:13-14 desribes people who are spiritually young adults. The Word of God abides in them. They are making the shift from being self-centered to being God and other-centered. They are reorienting their lives around God;s Word and his people and mission. They understand that God has called them to give to the body of Christ, rather than simply take. They are involved in ministering to others, putting the needs of others first, and being doers of the Word-not just people who hear it and accumulate head knowledge, they are people of action in ministry. They want to serve God and do it with energy and joy that the Holy Spirit provides. They see the world as a place that needs change and God has created them with a purpose. Their priorities have stated to change. As they grow in Christ they become less judgmental and find it easier to overlook others faults.  They are learning to fit their passion and skills into God’s kingdom purposes.

As you speak with spiritually young adults you may hear phrases like:

                 In my devotions I came across something I have a question about.

     I really want to go on a mission trip this next year. I am ready for it. I know God has big plans for my life.

                 I have three friends I have been witnessing to, can I start a small group for them. 

                 Look how many people are in church today—Its awesome! The closest parking spot I could find was out back.

The key concept with spiritual adults is that they are orienting their lives around God and His perspective. They need a place where they can learn how to serve. They need spiritual mentors who will coach them. They also may need help in establishing boundaries.

Stages of Discipleship-train to minister

Taken from the book Discipleshift

Living as a Family on Mission