Living as a Family on Mission

What is a Disciple?

Jesus gives us the best definition of what a disciple is. In Matthew 4:19 he says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  This is a simple yet profound explanation.First Jesus says “Follow me”. These are words of invitation. A disciple of Jesus must follow Jesus. It’s simple, Jesus leads and we follow. We recognize and accept who Jesus is as our Lord, leader, and master of our lives. He is our guide and we respond to His leadership and direction in all we do.

Next Jesus says “and I will make you”. These are words of challenge. These words speak of transformation. These words tell us that the life of a disciple involves Jesus molding us, our hearts, to become more like his. We are changed by Jesus. Changed, transformed into something different, better than before. He transforms how we see the world and what we value and consider important. But discipleship involves transforming at the deepest levels of our understanding, affection, and will by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God and in relationship with the people of God.

The final three words in this verse indicate a response of action, something that affects what we live for and do. A disciple of Jesus is saved for a purpose. We join Jesus on His mission to love and reach a lost and hurting world. We respond as the disciples did. We spend time with Jesus, His Holy Spirit works in us from the inside out. Our passions and desires that use to drive us just are not that important anymore. Now we seek His kingdom first, and we begin to see the world from Jesus’ perspective. We begin to care about the things God cares about, especially lost people. We begin to see ourselves as on a mission from Jesus and with Jesus(1 Peter 1:1). We see ourselves as saved for a purpose, for God’s kingdom purpose.

So putting all of this together we see a disciple is a person who:

1)      Is following Jesus (head);

2)      Is being changed by Jesus (heart);

3)      Is committed to the mission of Jesus (hands).