Living as a Family on Mission

Covenant & Kingdom Triangles

Key Scriptures: Genesis 1:26-28   There are two themes that play out through all of scripture, a sort of double helix of DNA in the Bible: Covenant and Kingdom. Covenant is about two becoming one — it is all about Relationship. Kingdom is about representing the One who gives us authority and power as we represent Him; -- it is all about Responsibility. In Covenant, we have a Father who gives us our Identity (not because we’ve earned it, but because he loves us) and calls us his kids. Having received this covenant identity, we can walk confidently in Obedience, not having to earn the love of our Father through good behavior. In Kingdom, our Father has a big job: He’s the King of the universe. But since the creation of the world, he’s been looking for a covenant people to represent him. Once we are in covenant with him, he gives us his Authority (a badge) and his Power (a gun) to act on his behalf in this world that he so loved. 

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