Living as a Family on Mission

First Circle- Relationship with Jesus

This is the core or the hub that unites the other circles together. If we forget that we are saved by grace, that our security and our strength are from God and not from ourselves, then we fall into a form of salvation by works. Without the gospel, we will become proud because we will baturally compare ourselves with others, forgetting what our righteousness loks like to God (not good). Morre likely we will become burdened with guilt and simply give up on wanting ro grow to become like Jesus. John 15 tells us that we must abide in Christ if we wish to bear fruit; ot's clear indication that our most important circle is our personal relationship with Jesus. As branches connected to the vine, we recieve direction from Jesus through His Word, strength from His Spirit, and help from his people.

In the context of discipleship there are three questions we need to ask in relation to this circle or sphere:


Do I or This person I am discipling know what Jesus teaches about growing in relationship to him? 

Am I or this person willing to see Jesus as their Lord and Master? Willing to surrender to Jesus(post conversion)?

Am I or this person spending time with Jesus so that they have strength and direction to be who they are meant to be?


Are there visible changes happening in my life or this person's life?

Am I or are they doing the right things for the right reasons?

Has there been changes in my or their character?

Am I or are they showing a consistant pattern of growing in love for God and for other people?


Are you or are they willing to follow Christ in the direction he is leading?

Are you or are they concerned about the salvation of others and are using their gifts to help restore others to Jesus?

Do you or do they have the skills to do this?

The four circles of life

Taken from the book Discipleshift