Living as a Family on Mission

RestorationBy this we mean

·         People who view themselves as sacraments in this world that bring the kingdom of God every place they go.

·         People who are equipped to live as and make disciples.

·         People who reflect a holy character as they live life together.

Recipients: People connected to Grace will reflect Jesus in all areas in which they live life, with an emphasis on the immediate communities of Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Sussex, Northwest Milwaukee, and surrounding communities.


While serving multiple cultures and all generations we are especially aware of reaching out to:

               ·         Pre-believers and de-churched people

               ·         Families with school-aged children

               ·         Young adults and young professionals

Embodiment: By this we mean

·         People who are confident in who they are in Christ.

·         People who experience and are able to share genuine healing and transformation through God’s love.

·         People who live as disciples living as a Family on Mission.

Desired Outcomes and values


People connected to Grace will grow in their love of God, grow in their love for others and grow as disciples who make disciples.


Those connected to Grace will grow as followers of Jesus exhibiting an ever increasing AUTHENTICITY, EMBODIMENT and RESTORATION as disciples.

 Authenticity: By this we mean

·         People who understand we are broken and thus live by God’s grace.

·         People who accept people for who they are in Christ

·         People who are free to share their burdens with one another.

·         People who live by faith and by God’s Word.