Living as a Family on Mission

Leadership Pipeline

It wasn’t by accident that people like Jesus and Paul were able to produce such unbelievable leaders. They had a simple, repeatable process: Recruit, Train, Deploy, Review. But it’s not exactly that linear. Once you’ve recruited your team, the people you want to invest in, you’re going to Train them, but soon after, you need to Deploy them for the task you’ve trained them in. They might do well; they might fail. That’s why you Review with them and then train them some more. Then you deploy them again. Train, Deploy, Review. Train, Deploy, Review. Over and over again.


Huddles are a vehicle specifically designed to disciple and train current or future leaders. It’s for leaders. Just because you have Huddles does not mean you will need to abandon all of the other discipleship vehicles you have (small groups, Sunday school, accountability groups, et al). What Huddles do is reproduce missional leaders to such a degree that if you put them into any kind of discipleship environment, they would know how to build a discipling culture so that the people in it would be shaped into the likeness of Jesus.

In following the model of Jesus (much of the teaching and training He did with His diciples was done in a small group setting), Huddles are discipleship groups of 6-8 people who meet regulary to learn, grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Huddle leaders use “Life Shapes” to teach various lessons based on key points that Jesus taught.  The “Life Shapes” help us to more easily understand and remember these lessons so that we can apply them in our own lives and also share them with others.  Huddles help us to consistently listen for and hear God speaking to us into our lives . . . and then intentionally reflect on and act on what He’s telling us.

Huddles are simply a discipleship vehical.   The Huddle process is simple, powerful, and very reproducible.